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10 Seconds To Run Hell House Haunted


The Kickstarter for the indie Horror film 10 Seconds To Run has been live on the site since June 26th.  It wasn’t until July 14th, 12 days later, that it was brought to our attention that there might be an entity captured in part of the footage.

The Twitter user @GhostAroundMe sent these series of tweets to the 10 Seconds To Run Twitter account.

10 seconds to run haunted movie set

10 seconds to run haunted movie set

10 seconds to run haunted movie set

Being a part of this production I do know a little bit about the house.  It is indeed a real house and not a set.  It’s over 100 years old, however it has been abandoned for the past 30 years.  The strange thing is that when the occupants left 30 years ago they left their belongings behind.  No one knows why.

Inside Haunted House

As a group of indie filmmakers the Producer and Director chose to use this house because no set dressing was needed.  All the original furniture, beds, chairs, radio, fans, even dishes in the cabinets had an authentic layer of dust and spiderwebs caked over them.  Working with a small budget, like I said the film is on Kickstarter, everyone saw this house as a great set location.

radio spider webs

Two of the stars of 10 Seconds To Run, Rob Mello & Randall Speakman, were recently on the podcast radio show “The Asylum”.  At around the 40 minute mark of the show Rob talks a bit about the house and it’s creepy nature.  He even describes one room in the house as full of Dragonflies stuck in spiderwebs on the ceiling.  From wall to wall – all dragonflies frozen in time by cobwebs.  You can hear his actual telling of the story here (40 min mark).

All this forward is just to describe the energy of the space we filmed in, and that it wouldn’t be unheard of for paranormal activity to occur in such a place.

I went ahead and took the clip in question and looped it, zoomed in, and slowed it down so you can make your own judgments.

[youtube id=”4CnvawXTBMM” align=”center”]

Reactions have been mixed.  Some people say it’s a common shadow spirit that is often reported.  Other people have said they think it’s a bird flying by the window or even just a fluke light reflection on some object in the background.

I’d be curious to know your thoughts.

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Since the crazy amount of comments debating on if this footage is real, if there are other things in the background, was someone casting the shadow from the porch, etc.  We’ve decided to film an overnight stay at the house with paranormal investigators.    This will all be live streamed so there shouldn’t be any questions on footage being edited.  Plus, viewers may see things that we don’t notice.  If you would like to be invited to this private live stream sign up below:

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Also, please let’s not lose focus that before it became about the house and it’s spirits – it was about a great team of artists just trying to make an indie film with the odds stacked against them.  If you can, go to their Kickstarter and pick up a perk: