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Horror Craft Doll Head Light

Hello my fellow creepy crafters!

If you’re just joining us, here’s a handy how-to with the steps you may have missed to make your very own demon doll head tea-light holder.  Read on!

You’ll need:
– A toy doll
– Sharpie
– Utility knife
– Modelling clay (air dry or heat set, your choice)
– Hot glue
– Super glue
– Acrylic paint
– A base for your head to sit on
– Tealight

doll head light horror home decor

  1. Mark along your doll head where you plan to make the cut. You should leave more room on the forehead (for a place to attach your horns) and open it up more in the back. This will make it easier to insert your candle and will prevent any lit candles from melting the plastic.
  2. Use a utility knife to cut along the lines.
  3. Remove the head from the body. Depending on your doll, this could be as simple as pulling it off the neck, or if your doll has a fabric body you may need to cut a zip tie that secures it around the neck.
  4. Once your scalp is removed, carefully cut out the eyes by slicing around the plastic casing. This is a bit of a process, so be patient, and be careful with your cuts!
  5. If you choose to, you can carefully cut a hole in the mouth as well to let more light out. I chose not to cut out the inner seal where the neck attaches so that I can use it as a raised platform for my tea light.
  6. Set the doll aside and pull out your modelling clay. I chose to use air-dry, but you can also get the kind that cures in the oven. Be sure to read the instructions on your clay so you know how to set it.
  7. Roll out your clay – you can use a clay shaping tool, rolling pin, tube of paint, whatever works for you. Once it’s flat, roll it into a tube and shape the horns. You can make them as big or small as you like, just be mindful that if they’re too big, your head is going to be a bit top heavy. This may cause it to tilt forward, which you don’t want if you’ve got a lit candle inside!
  8. Use a bit of water to smooth out the clay and help with shaping. You shouldn’t use a lot of water, I just wet my fingers and that did the trick!
  9. Set your horns aside to dry (or bake)
  10. Once they’re ready, glue them onto your doll head. I used a combination of hot glue and super glue. Apply the hot glue to the base of the horns and set them on the head where desired. Hold them for a couple of seconds to secure, then glue around the horns with super glue to completely secure them. The hot glue will hold them in place while the super glue dries.
  11. Once your glue is completely dry, you can paint your new demon baby head. Carefully sponge paint the base color (I used acrylic black paint to emphasize the light coming from inside) and add detail as desired (blood red paint is always a fun addition).
  12. While that dries, you can paint your base (if needed). I bought a wooden candle holder base from a craft store (Michaels, to be specific), so I threw on a coat of black paint. If you chose a metal or glass base, you can skip this step.
  13. Once everything is dry and ready, glue your demon baby head to the base. Set a tea light inside and you’re good to go!

Enjoy, and be sure to share your creations!