Creepy Co. Reveals Leatherface Plush, and ‘A Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Blanket and Button-Up

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The Saw is family and so are our friends over at Chicago’s own, Creepy Co. These folks are genuinely great and have pretty much transformed my entire wardrobe to consist of only horror button-ups. Today, Creepy Co. is giving Texas a little love with their Texas Chainsaw Massacre collection.

This rad Creepy Co. collection is made up of a killer Texas Chainsaw button-up, a blanket made up of the VHS art from the film and a plushy pillow of Leatherface’s head. The pillow looks super soft and comfy and features two versions of Leatherface. One side from the classic TCM and the other side from the 2003 reboot.

Creepy Co’s official description of the plushy pillow is as follows:

Celebrate two of Leatherface’s most iconic looks with this two-sided cushion that doubles as a plush and a pillow!  Which side will you lay your Chop-Top on? Whether you display it on the couch, on the bed, or on a meat hook, this squishy soft throw pillow will have you spinning & squealing with delight! Chainsaw not included.

Head right over HERE to check out the entire Creepy Co. Texas Chainsaw Massacre collection. Oh, and do it quick cause these suckers go really quick.

If you are new to Creepy Co. and all of its coolness give the site and browse and tell em their friends at iHorror said howdy.



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