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There have been some truly amazing horror anthology films released over the years, but my personal favorite is probably 1982 classic Creepshow, directed by late, great genre legend George A. Romero and written by iconic author Stephen King.

Everyone reading this has hopefully seen the movie by now, but if not, it collects five stories, and bookends them with a wraparound tale. All five segments are pretty great, but my favorite is The Crate, featuring an extremely cool monster designed by Tom Savini.

Creepshow would go on to receive two sequel films, the decent enough Creepshow 2 in 1987 (The Raft FTW), and the atrocious Creepshow 3 in 2006. Now, the franchise prepares to make the jump to the small screen for a brand new streaming TV series on Shudder.

The project was revealed back in July, and is set to be executive produced by gore effects legend Greg Nicotero, who also produces AMC’s The Walking Dead. Creepshow is slated to be a traditional anthology series, with a different story and characters in each episode.

As part of this weekend’s New York Comic Con festivities, Shudder unveiled (via EW) an awesomely ghoulish official poster for its anticipated series, designed by artist Tim Bradstreet and Nicotero himself. Check it out below, as it’s sure to bring a smile to diehard fans.

Creepshow TV Series Poster