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Sneak Peek at ‘Creepshow’ Tribute on Sunday’s ‘Walking Dead’ Episode!

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Written by Patti Pauley

As past episodes of AMC’s The Walking Dead have proven, the series’ special effects wizard Greg Nicotero loves to pay homage to classic horror films. In previous episodes, we’ve seen nods to various Romero gems such as Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead, and hell even JAWS! Which actually should come to no surprise to fans of Nicotero’s work as he has stated numerous times that the 1975 shark-tastic classic is what inspired him to do what he does now.

It’s almost become sort of an Easter Egg game for audiences who tune in every Sunday to see what horror film homages may be hidden in this week’s episode of The Walking Dead. However, courtesy of Nicotero himself via his Instagram account, fans have a heads up on exactly what to look for on tomorrow night’s episode that marks the horror creator’s 19th time wearing the director’s hat for the show. And chances are, it’s the most fun you’ll ever have looking for that classic horror film nod kiddies…



In tomorrow night’s episode entitled “Say Yes”, we find our shows heroes Rick and Michonne on their own, exploring an abandoned amusement park scavenging for supplies. In the excitement from the horror legend himself regarding his next directorial episode, Nicotero posted this teaser noting that we would see a little Creepshow tribute in the March 5th, 2017 show; and dammit if that doesn’t resemble the infamous Creep.




How cool is that?! Now I wonder if some meteor shit will make an appearance?

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