‘Creepshow’ Shudder Series Almost Included a Prequel to ‘The Crate’

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There are many great anthology horror films, but perhaps the best is 1982’s Creepshow. Directed by zombie maestro George Romero and written by the legendary Stephen King, Creepshow told five stories in the style of the old EC horror comics.

Creepshow would return for a sequel in 1987 that, while a favorite of mine, isn’t in the same league as the original. There was also 2006’s in-name-only Creepshow 3, which is better left forgotten. Now, Shudder has recently debuted a Creepshow TV series.

Reactions to the debut episode have been mostly positive, and season 1 promises lots more interesting stories, However, it turns out that showrunner Greg Nicotero originally wanted to create a small-screen prequel to the classic Creepshow story “The Crate.”

Shudder Creepshow

Unfortunately, as revealed during a Reddit AMA, some nebulous rights issues prevented Nicotero and company from crafting an Arctic origin story for The Crate’s infamous beast, nicknamed “Fluffy” by its creator Tom Savini. Man, that could’ve been great.

“At one point, I was hoping to do a prequel to The Crate, where you see them on the Arctic expedition capturing Fluffy, but it’s a little more complicated than that regarding the rights to the stories.” said Nicotero. Once again, legal wrangling screws horror fans.

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