‘Creepshow’ Series Announces New Cast, Adds Tom Savini as Director

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Shudder, the streaming platform for all things horror and thriller, announced new cast members for their upcoming series Creepshow based on the classic 80s film by the same name.

David Arquette (Scream franchise), Tricia Helfer (Lucifer), and Dana Gould (Stan Against Evil) have been added to the already impressive slate of actors for the series which includes Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad), Tobin Bell (Saw franchise), and Adrienne Barbeau who starred in the original Creepshow film.

Arquette will star in a segment titled “Times is Tough in Musky Holler,” in which a small towns leaders who control the residents through fear and intimidation get a taste of their own medicine in classic Creepshow fashion.

Helfer will star in “Lydia Layne’s Better Half” in which a powerful woman fails to anticipate the fallout of denying her lover and protegee a promotion.

And finally, Gould will star in “Skincrawlers” about a man who signs up for a miraculous weight loss program that turns out to have rather complicated side effects.

Roxanne Benjamin (Body at Brighton Rock) will direct both Helfer and Gould’s episodes while John Harrison (Tales from the Darkside: The Movie) is set to director Arquette. Harrison also composed the theme for the original Creepshow film.

In addition to casting, the streaming service also announce that Tom Savini will be directing an adaptation of Joe Hill’s By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain.

“There wouldn’t be a Creepshow without Tom Savini,” said showrunner Greg Nicotero in a press release this morning. “His mark on the horror industry and unflinching approach to Special Effects Make-up did more for the genre than anything since the invention of fake blood. Tom has always been a visionary and his love of cinema and making movies is felt in every frame of his episode. I’m honored to have my friend as a big part of the team.”

Savini, in the same statement, said, “Having done all the creepy, monstrous, gory effects in the original movie, I am indescribably overjoyed to come full circle now directing an episode of this Creepshow series.”

Some will also remember that Joe Hill, son of Stephen King, played Billy in the wraparound segments in the original film, which makes this return even more exciting.

As the series draws closer to completion, all eyes will be on Shudder to see exactly how this new Creepshow will play out. It seems undeniable, however, that they’re bringing together exactly the right people to transport the classic film into the 21st century!

Waylon Jordan is a lifelong fan of genre fiction and film especially those with a supernatural element. He firmly believes that horror reflects collective fears of society and can be used as a tool for social change.