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This has proven to be a great year for Stephen King. With excitement surrounding the theatrical releases of The Dark Tower and the highly energized anticipation of IT – and not to mention the success of The Mist finding a home to terrorize us on TV – the King of horror is showing no sign of laying aside his ghastly scepter.

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Among the film adaptations of Stephen King’s classic works coming to life this year, there’s one incredible project I cannot let slip by us. Creepshow had a re-release this May, and it’s something fans will want to rush and pick up. I’m talking about Creepshow, not the movie, but the graphic-novel companion of the film.

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Fittingly, back in 1982 in correspondence with the film’s release, Stephen King published the actual comic book as seen in the movie itself. Creepshow the comic was a collector’s coveted dream come true.

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I only found out about this must-own collectable earlier this year when a colleague brought it up to me. He said he had owned a copy back in the day until a friend’s mom found it and threw it in the trash, eerily mirroring the events of the film.

I was afraid to look the comic up on eBay fearing whatever astronomical price sellers might be asking for it. However, as luck would have it, I didn’t have long to wait as Creepshow was given a welcomed re-release as of May 9, 2017.

In Part I we discussed the unholy trinity who brought life to the Creepshow movie – George A Romero (director), Stephen King (screenplay) and Tom Savini (special effects)

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However, another genre favorite was behind the all-star talents of Creepshow. Bernie Wrightson, who also sadly left our world this same year – March 18, 2017

Bernie Wrightson is renowned for his majestic and ghoulish art. He could turn the most hellish images into awe-inspiring masterpieces. Wrightson’s impact on the horror community is unshakable, but especially among comic collectors. Through his career the man worked at DC, Image Comics, as well as Chaos! Comics, always lending his grotesque visions to furthering horror titles among mainstream readers.

The Walking Dead even dedicated Season Seven’s finale in his memory.

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I associate him best with two projects – Frankenstein, a breathtaking work in which Wrightson masterfully captures the menace and terror sealed away in Mary Shelly’s gothic masterpiece, and of course Creepshow.

Part of the enjoyment of picking up this amazing reprint is getting a fine collection of some of Wrightson’s most beloved work.

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The comic adaptation features all five original short stories in their entirety and over all has an authentic quality about it, as though you just discovered a bit of horror literature once thought to be forgotten and lost.

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This is something no Stephen King fan will want to miss, or horror collector for that matter either. With its re-release we’re given one more chance to add this eerie volume of spooktacular memories to our shelves.

I picked my glorious copy up at our local Barnes & Noble, and copies are still currently available.

Don’t let this one pass you by or else you might soon regret it, dear readers. If opportunities like this come but once in a life time, then having this re-released to us is indeed a horror treasure.