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‘Creep Nation’ Trailer Will Test Your Trust in the Safety of Strangers

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Living in a modern world, we’ve learned to adapt our practices to help protect our online privacy. But while we’re busy taping over computer cameras and taking the necessary precautions in our own homes, we’re still pretty quick to get into a stranger’s car just because an app sent them, or spend our nights sleeping in a stranger’s home as a hotel alternative.

Creep Nation might make you think twice before browsing Airbnb.

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In Creep Nation, a young woman books a short-term rental online and is subsequently stalked by a network on the dark web using spy cameras to capture her stay.

In the tradition of films like Peeping Tom and Taxi Driver – but set in today’s age of anxiety – Creep Nation is a thriller that looks at society’s chaotic relationship with privacy on social media and the ways in which technology has warped our sense of self.

via Foresight Features

Written and Directed by John Geddes (Exit Humanity, Hellmouth), Creep Nation is described as a terrifying and gritty look at the underground hidden camera epidemic on the dark web. Filmed on location in Toronto, Ontario, the film explores how our privacy is at risk in our most vulnerable situations.

Geddes detailed his inspiration for the film; “Today, everything is the click of a button away. Renting a stranger’s house or room, ride sharing or a blind date, to name a few.” He said, “With so many creepy stories coming from short-term rentals rigged with hidden cameras, it felt like an important subject for a modern thriller.”

Creep Nation stars Liv Collins (The Sublet, The Hexecutioners) Adam Seybold (Hellmouth, Ejecta, Exit Humanity) and Mark Gibson (12 Monkeys, Heroes Reborn, Hellmouth), and is produced by Matt Wiele, John Geddes, Jesse Thomas Cook and Jeff Maher.

You can check out the creepy trailer below.

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