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The Orchard is giving fans of the 2014 movie Creep an early Halloween present this year. Today they announced they will release Creep 2 on all digital platforms on October 24.

Reprising his role as the movie’s namesake is Mark Duplass, co-starring with him is Desiree Akhavan (Girls, Appropriate Behavior).

Scripted by Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass, Creep 2 focuses on Sara (Akhavan) this time around. She’s an artist who likes to create an intimacy with lonely men using only her video camera. In her quest to produce a shocking piece of work she answers an online ad asking for someone with her skills.

She eventually travels to a house in the forest and meets a man claiming to be a serial killer. This might be the break she’s been looking for, but as she spends more time with him she fears her efforts will cost her her life.

Brice goes behind the camera once again to direct this next entry in the cult favorite.

“We are overjoyed to bring the next chapter of Creep into the world! ” Brice commented. “The fact that audiences have embraced the first film in such an unexpected way has been so heartening. We hope Creep 2 with bring a new level of fear, discomfort, and joy to loyal fans and newcomers alike.”

The Orchard’s Julie Dansker says this installment keeps intact the scares that made the original so great.

“We are thrilled to be working again with Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass! We know audiences will love the next iteration of this twisted and clever horror franchise.”

Creep will be available on all digital platforms beginning on October 24

Later in the year, Netflix will be releasing the film on its worldwide streaming platform.