Horror Designed Credit Cards

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Those of us who have worked retail have seen hundreds of credit cards, probably more.  Each card unique to the customer; their dogs or kids, Disney characters, sport teams, so many images are printed on these pieces of plastic to make them personalized.  Finally there are images horror fans can relate to!

You can now have zombies grace the front of your prepaid VISA credut cards from the website card.com.  There are 25 different images to choose from, all featured in the movie The Return of the Living Dead!

Watch the eyes of the cashier at the grocery store or gas station go wide in horror or disgust at the site of your new card.  Or better yet, maybe it will spark up a conversation with a fellow horror movie fan!  While The Return of the Living Dead isn’t the most infamous horror movie or well-known zombie flick, it weeds out the mainstream fans from the hardcore addicts.

To order your credit cards head over to www.Card.com or follow the link here.
Tell us in the comments which horror movie you would enjoy on your credit or debit card!

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