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Credible Tips Already Coming In For New ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Cases

by Timothy Rawles

The recent Netflix reboot of Unsolved Mysteries has creeped out a new generation of viewers, and according to Nerdist interesting leads have already started pouring in.

The publication sources USA Today and reports that 20 credible tips have already been forwarded to the authorities through the Unsolved.com hotline. 

For those who need closure on the Rey Rivera case in the first episode, good news, some new information has been submitted in regards to that mystery.

Rivera’s body was found on a conference room floor of a busy Baltimore hotel in 2006. He had apparently jumped to his death from the rooftop and smashed through the ceiling. The only problem is investigators aren’t sure how he managed to jump and land where he did because logistically it was impossible. Plus not one security camera captured Rivera entering the building. Add that to being a newlywed and excited to start a family, his death by apparent suicide has many wondering what exactly happened.

Another tip came in for Alonzo Brooks the black man whose nearly-undamaged body was found by a creek nearly a month after his disappearance. Some think it’s a mass cover-up to a hate crime.

The original Unsolved Mysteries which ran for 15 seasons has helped to solve many cold and re-opened cases. More than half of the 1,300 mysteries featured on the original series have been solved.

Netflix’s reboot is planning on releasing more episodes later this year. Historically the show has given updates on the previous cases they highlight.

If you have any information on any of the new cases featured on the Netflix series head over to Unsolved.com and help solve the mystery.

Header Photo: Kathleen Jones

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