Ryan Murphy Provides First Glimpse of Creature From American Horror Story Season 7

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Written by Patti Pauley

Ever since American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy muttered the words “election” as the theme to revolve around the massive FX show, fans of the series have been what is fair say looking at thread comments, split down the middle regarding the chaos and shocking outcome of the 2016 American election. Beyond the fact that season vets Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters are set to return for another go with Murphy, with more recently new additions Billy Eichner and Scream Queens star Billie Lorde to make an appearance and that Trump and Clinton will be portrayed in the series, not much is REALLY known about the impending seventh season of the program. However, does that really come as a shock to ANYONE that’s been following the show since day one?

Murphy is famous for being coy with his AHS reveals to heighten the suspense factor, but it seems this year, in particular, the American Horror Story mastermind had been a tad more open in cluing fans in. The most recent comes today via Murphy’s own Instagram account as he unties that string from our blueish balls in a revealed sketch of a creature that is to possibly appear in American Horror Story: Election.


Perhaps a not so subtle jab at the Republican party? 

American Horror Story Season 7 tease.

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(LOL) OK, that’s more than an obvious riff at the Republican party. And that sketch is giving off a serious Freak Show Twisty the Clown/ Dumbo (Elephants on Parade) vibe with that nightmarish grin. Thanks for the impending nightmares Murphy.

Will we see a horrifying two-headed jack-ass creature sketch in the upcoming weeks? Maybe. Maybe not. I think we definitely need to see that next though.

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