We’ve heard rumblings of an upcoming film called The Bad Man from Found director Scott Schirmer for a while, but the project has now been officially announced. Schirmer, who also co-wrote Found is writing and directing the project.

The Bad Man from Scott Schirmer

From the press release:

Forbidden Films, the production company behind Found and Headless, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for The Bad Man, a new movie written and directed by Scott Schirmer (Found). The Bad Man centers on a young couple who are kidnapped in their own home by a homicidal clown who begins training them to become sex objects that he will sell at auction to a cult of wealthy deviants. “It’s a harrowing escape story,” says Schirmer. “You’ll see the two protagonists, Mary and PJ, go through so much. One of them will hold onto their humanity, and the other will pretty much lose it. But together they will try and escape this horrifying, dehumanizing ordeal.” Already cast in the project are Ellie Church (Time to Kill, Headless) as Mary; Jason Crowe (Dead Moon Rising) as PJ; and Arthur Cullipher (special effects artist and director of Headless) as the Clown. Schirmer’s previous film, Found, played at over forty film festivals around the world and won 18 best picture awards. The Bad Man reunites many of the Found crew, including producer Leya Taylor and effects artist Shane Beasley.

Beasley, by the way, played the killer in Headless.

The company plans to begin filming in October, provided it meets its Kickstarter goal in time. The release is planned for next year. Forbidden Films was able to exceed its funding goal with its last project, Headless, as fans of Found were eager to see a feature-length version of the film within-a-film from Found. The Bad Man marks Schirmer’s directorial follow-up to Found, so there is likely a great deal of anticipation for that as well.