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“The Craft” meets “Mean Girls” in the awesome “Givertaker” short

by Trey Hilburn III

What isn’t to love about films like “The Craft” and “Mean Girls”. Rhetorical! The answer for everyone should be a resounding “Every damn thing!” Arcanum Pictures’ Dead Kids Club gives us a dose of what makes those two films great.

The short film, “Givertaker” is the first in a line of what will be interwoven stories with teen horror elements and, the ever brutal world of high school politics.

The Givertaker, which premiered at Fantastic Fest 2016, is a short film that centers around a young girl who has opened a window into the supernatural realm in order to exact revenge on some of her fellow classmates who did her ill. The window is a direct catalyst to the Givertaker, a supernatural being who grants wishes… at a cost.

The short written by Peter S. Hall and directed by Paul Gandersman is a healthy dose of nostalgia for all things horror and high school-centric. The poster art by Stephen Andrade is a throw back to young adult horror books, that bring to mind classic Goosebumps cover art.

Arcanum Pictures, an independent production company based in Austin, TX, is run by the filmmaking duo Peter S.Hall and Paul Gandersman. Together they have produced the feature films ‘My Sucky Teen Romance,’ ‘Grow Up, Tony Phillips,’ and ‘There Will Be No Stay,’ as well as a number of shorts and commercials. Their first project as a writing-directing team is ‘Givertaker,’ a short film set within the larger world of ‘Dead Kids Club.’

Get a look at the awesome Givertaker short below.


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