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Couple Builds Exact Replica of The Munsters House

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The houses from films like The Amityville Horror and Psycho are as iconic as they get, though I can’t think of any horror house that’s more suited to our collective tastes than the one that the Munsters live in.

Unfortunately, 1313 Mockingbird Lane doesn’t actually exist… or does it?

As reported by The Daily Mail, Texas couple Charles and Sandra McKee are so obsessed with The Munsters that they built a full-scale replica of the iconic Mockingbird Lane home, spending nearly a million dollars in their quest to live like their monster pals.

Not only is the home an exact replica on the outside, making it a popular tourist attraction for fans of the show, but it’s also an exact duplicate on the inside. In other words, Grandpa’s dungeon is totally in the basement, and yes, there’s even a pet dinosaur embedded in the stairs.

So detail-oriented are the McKees that you literally cannot tell the difference between the fictional house and their home, with everything from the furniture right down to the door-knocker looking like it was ripped straight out of the show. In fact, some high-ticket items are actually from the set.

We had a king-size bed but as this didn’t match the show we had to downsize it for a smaller one,” admits Sandra. “The thing is we have to match the show. When people come in they look for things to call you out on – things that don’t match the show.”

With the instantly recognizable Munster Koach parked out front, the house draws thousands of visitors every year, and each Halloween the couple makes use of their unique home by hosting a charity event to raise money for The Salvation Army. They encourage guests to dress up, and of course, they play the roles of Lily and Herman Munster.

Check out some images from inside and outside the real-life Munsters house below, and get ready to get jealous!

real Munsters house

real Munsters house

real Munsters house

real Munsters house


real Munsters house