Manic's Macabre Carnival - A Countdown to the Top 8 Evil Clowns

Manic’s Countdown to the Top 8 Evil Clowns – iHorror

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Number 4: Clown/Violator – Spawn (Image Comics by Todd McFarlane)

Originally spawned (couldn’t help it, don’t judge too harshly) from the imagination of artist Todd McFarlane, Clown is woefully an underrated hellion these days. Clown is a pure-blooded demon. Born in the putrid wastes of Hell’s deepest pits, he is sent to earth to manipulate the political affairs of mankind and guide the world towards the inescapable shadow of Armageddon.

image courtesy of Image comics

Part of Clown’s vile purpose is to harass the Hellspawn, antagonize him, break his will, and mold him into the ultimate warrior for Hell’s insidious purposes. Should Clown be successful, the Spawn of Hell will lead the Devil’s damned armies to the gates of Heaven and burn them down.

image courtesy of Image comics

He is the Clown of the Apocalypse and a harbinger of miserable death who wants nothing more than to see you and your children burn for eternity.

image via Comic Vince, courtesy of Image comics


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