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Manic’s Countdown to the Top 8 Evil Clowns – iHorror

by Manic Exorcism
Manic's Macabre Carnival - A Countdown to the Top 8 Evil Clowns


Number 5: Kent McCoy – Clown (directed by Jon Watts)

We all know clowns are demonic and this movie just decided to come out and prove us all right. A loving father (Andy Powers) puts on an old clown costume to make sure his little boy’s birthday party isn’t spoiled when the hired entertainer flakes. However, later on Kent McCoy runs into a bit of trouble. The damn costume will not come off, but that’s only the prelude of his woes.

The costume, the hair, even the nose itself are all symbiotic and will not be separated from their new host. We learn that what poor Kent innocently thought was nothing more than a clown suit is in all actuality a demonic entity. A living thing needing a human host to possess in order to feed its dire hunger for children’s flesh.



image via This Is Horror

It’s a movie about a killer clown that eats kids. You might think it doesn’t get much better than that, but oh wait, ladies and gents! We have more bleak wonders to show you in this morbid carnival.

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