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Manic’s Countdown to the Top 8 Evil Clowns – iHorror

by Manic Exorcism
Manic's Macabre Carnival - A Countdown to the Top 8 Evil Clowns

Number 7: Clown Phenomena

In the last few years we’ve seen the rise of menacing clowns appearing in parks, along secluded roads after sunset, and – more heinously – on the front porches of unsuspecting suburbia. Many called it the clown epidemic and others named these strange apparitions the disciples of Pennywise.

image via 10news

What motivated these individuals to don the colorful costumes and paint their faces up – or wear creepy masks – and scare people witless? That’s part of the wonder of the weird phenomena: there was never any motivation.

image via abc15

These clowns have been caught on video and there are dozens of stories of clown encounters, whether they are all true or not remains debatable. But you can’t deny how frightening it would be to hear that dreaded thump in the middle of the night only to get up and explore to discover it’s a clown outside your front door, and it’s holding a – club, or hatchet, or ball bat, or tire iron, or a knife, or even just a rubber chicken. This stuff is beyond freaky.

image via Fox9


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