Manic's Macabre Carnival - A Countdown to the Top 8 Evil Clowns
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Clowns are scary. From childhood, clowns have a way of scaring us to tears. In the middle of the night, our younger selves were interrupted by the dreaded thought: ‘what if something evil, something smiling – and very hungry – is under the bed waiting for us?’

For many, it’s the face of a clown that the Boogeyman wears. In anticipation of next month’s IT I have compiled a list of my favorite evil clowns. So sit back and enjoy some cotton candy as your good buddy welcomes you back to the macabre theater’s countdown of the Top 8 Evil Clowns

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Number 8: Clown DollPoltergeist (directed by Tobe Hooper, Steven Spielberg)

This is the earliest memory I have of actual fear. I was a toddler at the very least, no older than four years old, and this scene from Poltergeist did one hell of a number on my little brain. Yeah, my parents let me watch horror movies at a very young age, and I’m pretty sure that led me to become what I am today.

As a kid, there were two things that could scare the ever-living crap out of me. Clowns being one, and dolls that came to life being the other. This damn movie just had to combine both of my terrors together. I was so shaken by this one scene that if I walked into a toy store and saw a clown doll I would be reduced to screaming hysterics. There was no face of Satan more traumatizing to me than that of a painted clown grin.

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  1. I agree pretty much with the whole list. Some others I would throw out are:

    ‘Art’ – The clown from ‘All Hallows Eve’
    ‘Crepitus’ – Even though it’s not out yet, come on Bill Moseley as a cannibalistic killer clown, enough said!
    ‘Clown Dick’ – Very short lived character from ‘Blood Drive’
    ‘Killer Klowns from Outer Space’
    ‘Clown’ – M. Shawn Crahan from metal act ‘Slipknot’
    ‘Killjoy’ – Even though the films suck, really evil looking
    ‘Ronald McDonald’ – Creepy fucker!

  2. Patti- your Retro Rewind on Poltergeist’s teaser was interesting! I didn’t even know it existed! Dr. Rogo reminded me of Richard Dreyfus. It did have that late 70s, early 80s doc feel like The Legend of Boggy Creek. Great job!


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