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Count Chocula BEER Returning This Halloween Season

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It won’t be long before General Mills beloved Monster Cereals return to store shelves, and this year the Count, Boo, and Franken-Berry are getting seriously high-tech makeovers. But for those who would rather drink the monsters than eat them, well, you’re in for a real treat.

Just like last year, Colorado brewery Black Bottle is brewing up their very own limited edition Count Chocula beer, which they’ve dubbed Cerealiously Count Chocula. The beer will be on tap at the brewery beginning August 25th, and will be bottled in time for Halloween.

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Black Bottle owner Sean Nook made headlines last year when he bought out all the Count Chocula cereal in his town, which was used to make the unique beer. This year is a little bit different, however, as General Mills took it upon themselves to donate the cereal to the brewery.

(General Mills) sent all the Count Chocula cereal for this last batch,” Nook told Kare 11. “We are really lucky to have gotten it over a month ago.”

In addition to being available on tap at Black Bottle, Cerealiously Count Chocula will also be served up at Colorado’s Great American Beer Festival, which kicks off on September 24th.

count chocula beer

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