Could ‘Scream Queens’ Be Making a Comeback?

Timothy RawlesNews, Random FunLeave a Comment

The canceled-way-too-young horror-comedy series Scream Queens officially went dark in 2016, but series co-creator Ryan Murphy may be resurrecting the show if his cryptic Instagram post is more than just a rhetorical question.

Murphy took to the social media platform on Sunday and admitted that fans are woeful that the horror series was not on his growing list of projects but that he and former cast members have discussed either a reboot or another chapter.

No one can blame Murphy though, his busy work slate is piled high with shows that are either already running (Pose, American Horror Story) to ones scheduled down the pipeline (Consent, Ratched).

I can add my two cents of encouragement in just three-words Mr. Murphy: Jamie Lee Curtis.

Those wishing to give their opinions on the return of Scream Queens can head over to his Instagram feed and give Murphy a dissected piece of their minds.

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