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Could Jordan Peele be the New Host for ‘The Twilight Zone’ Reboot?

by Sam Angelo
The Twilight Zone

It seems that life for Jordan Peele has not slowed down since his dive into film directing, especially his newfound forte in the horror genre. With his break-out hit Get Out, Peele revealed to the world that not only did he know how to make quality horror, but horror grounded in reality. Peele brought us real monsters we can find on Facebook, in high-end coffee shops, country clubs, or–for some of us–right next door.

Turning merciless social commentary into horror films, Peele is plying his future in the horror industry. Initially, the social-horror visionary was eyed to direct the Neo-Tokyo cyberpunk classic Akira, but he moved away from that project to direct an adaptation of Lovecraft Country: a TV series based around 22-year-old Atticus Black traveling cross-country to find his father amidst both racist and supernatural terrors.

Along with Lovecraft Country, Peele revealed his newest horror title Us earlier this year, starring Lupita Nyong’o and Elisabeth Moss.

The Twilight Zone Reboot

Lovecraft Country is not the only series Peele is working on, his Twilight Zone reboot has been officially green-lit by CBS. While the first season is fleshed out enough for the show to debut in a couple of months, one question still remains: who will host the show?

In an interview with Variety, Peele has expressed that he wants to approach the show’s development with the utmost care and respect, while also bringing audiences a Twilight Zone that provides relevant social introspection/commentary.

Rod Serling was known to make valid and critical social commentary through his beloved series with episodes such as The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street, Eye of the Beholder, and The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine to name a few. However, this reputation and legacy is partially why Peele seemed hesitant when asked to host the series.

The Twilight Zone

Image via IMDB

When considering the role of host for a beloved series that encompasses a myriad of dark and complex episodes like Twilight Zone did, Peele felt that his long-running career in comedy may serve as a hindrance and consequently fans may associate him more with his roles in MadTVKey and Peele, and Keanu, therefore, disrespecting Serling’s narration/hosting, perhaps deeming it too odd, or in poor taste.

While Peele’s career of acting and hosting has primarily consisted of comedy, none of that should discredit him from hosting the show he will be directing and writing. Comedy can provide just as much dark intro- and retrospection about society as horror can. To paraphrase Joseph Woodfall Ebsworth (or Chaucer if you prefer): that many a true word is spoken in jest. Comedy brings us just as much insight into the world and its societies as horror does, sometimes even darker.

Key and Peele

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Hosting is not unfamiliar to Peele, and the man has shown nothing but confidence in his days of hosting comedy shows or doing interviews about his films.

If Peele does not host the show, then who exactly would be the best person to take on the task? We hope to see you guys discuss this in the comments or in the iHorror fan group!

As if Jordan Peele isn’t tackling enough already, the man is also talking about making a sequel to Get Out. You can read our coverage on that in the article here!

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