Could Hannibal Continue With Amazon?

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Update (06/25): Fuller spoke with Deadline, and pretty much said it’s unlikely that Netflix will get it, and seemed to make the case for Amazon as the front-runner. Here’s the quote:

Netflix has been great in expressing their enthusiasm for the show but it’s just not feasible for them to pick it up. The deal with Amazon, I believe, precludes other streaming services. So that wouldn’t give Netflix what they need as a distributor in terms of first rights, etc.

Read the full interview here.

Original Article: Ok, it’s been a day, and fans have had time to process the news that Hannibal is going away from NBC and may never come back after Season 3 wraps up. The good news is that there seems to be quite a bit of hope about the potential for the show to continue on with another network.

Hannibal is optimistic

In fact, it’s pretty clear that there is some interest out there, not to mention rabid fan support. That’s no guarantee that our wishes will be fulfilled, but I’d say that in this era in which TV shows are being resurrected left and right there’s a very good chance it will happen with Hannibal.

A lot of people are hoping Netflix will save it, as it has done this with other shows, but if you ask me, it’s more likely that Amazon would do so. Consider the following excerpt from this uplifting Film School Rejects article:

Hannibal‘s consistently abysmal ratings ended up being a godsend. The show’s teetered on the brink of cancellation after every season, meaning that Fuller & co have already made multiple pre-emptive trips down “Who Wants To Buy Hannibal?” lane. In dealing with those “other options,” it sounds like Fuller’s just going to be making a few calls from the ol’ rolodex.

After the first season, Hannibal‘s ratings had already slumped and NBC was wavering on a second year. Early buzz from Deadline? That “at least one cable network,” plus Amazon’s still-in-its-infancy TV department were both interested in snatching up the show. Same deal after season two: Fuller, Gaumont and the rest were making inroads with other outlets in advance, just in case Hannibal was axed.

Then consider this excerpt from a Deadline article from Monday:

The cancellation news is barely a couple of hours old, but I hear that there has been a significant interest in Hannibal from other outlets. The one that would make most sense is Amazon, which already has exclusive rights to the existing three seasons of the show as part of a four-year, five-show deal with NBCUniversal. The deal is in the middle of its term, which would complicate potential negotiations with Amazon competitors like Netflix.

Yep, Amazon secured exclusive streaming rights to Hannibal back in 2013, when in a press release, it said shows like Hannibal are “big wins for our customers.”

Amazon is trying like hell to compete with Netflix on the original programming front, and Hannibal could provide a particularly helpful spark in that department.

Here’s some similar thinking from Forbes:

If, like a FBI profiler, you want to know where Hannibal might dine next, then it’s best to follow the money. If the license fee is as small as reported, then look for a streaming service to pick up NBC’s side of the deal. Hulu and Netflixhave experience saving shows, from Degrassi to The Mindy Project, but Amazon’s a likelier host. It already has a streaming deal in place, and the website’s still looking to expand its content and user base. Hannibal won’t be a big hit on a network, but next to something like Transparent or Catastrophe, the show’s still pretty big news.

It also helps to keep in mind that pretty much everything Amazon does is in the interest of getting more Prime subscribers. It even built a laughing stock of a smartphone for that very purpose. They’ve thrown tons of money at this objective, and there’ no reason to think there would be much financial hesitation about bringing on Hannibal.

Amazon is just one potential destination for this show, but it’s an intriguing one.

Of course there are petitions out there for fans to show their support, though I’m not sure how good much difference those will actually make. Even still, the fan support is obvious from social media, and frankly there’s a lot of optimism in the media in general about the future of this show.

At the end of the day, the news that the show is being canceled sucks, but there’s actually good reason to be hopeful for its resurrection.