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Could ‘Followed’ Be The Next Game-Changer For Horror? [Exclusive Clip]

by Timothy Rawles

The new film Followed is set to release at drive-in theaters on June 19. It’s told through a technique called “Screen Life.” If you’re asking what a “screen life” movie is, you aren’t alone.

It was defined for us by the creators of Followed. Screen life narratives are: “films whose stories are told by way of a computer screen recording.”

This may sound familiar with films like Unfriended. But Followed takes the technique a step further and is the first horror film to do so entirely through a series of YouTube-like vlogs. It’s almost like the found-footage concept but for the modern age.

Director Antoine Le had this to say about the concept:

“I knew the genre had been saturated, but I saw this more as a challenge, not a drawback — a challenge that begged these questions: How could I breathe fresh life into this creatively stunted genre? And: What would a “cinematic” found-footage film look and feel like, as opposed to the traditional ‘cheaper’ look?”

 iHorror has an exclusive clip directly below followed by the official trailer, but first a little about the movie.

“DropTheMike” (Matthew Solomon) is a social media video creator who is eager to get more subscribers; the life’s blood of monetized vlogging life. He takes a camera crew into Los Angeles’s infamous Cecil Hotel.

This historic landmark is the site of many real-life murders and unsolved mysteries such as the drowning death of Elisa Lam in 2013.

“What begins as a fun investigative challenge including the infamous Elevator Ritual quickly descends into a personal hell of true evil, begging the timely question: how far would you go to pursue internet fame?”

Just like The Blair With Project changed the scene with its found-footage style and Paranormal Activity updated that with in-home security cameras, Followed could be the evolution of the design for a new generation of horror movie lovers.

Followed will be released at drive-in theaters on June 19. 2020. For a list of locations click HERE.

Here is our exclusive clip with the trailer below that.

Take a look:


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