Corey Feldman is a name that any fan of 80’s and 90’s horror should recognize. Feldman starred in several horror movies during the golden age of the genre, some of his more notable appearances of course being The Lost BoysGremlins, and of course Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter. So today let’s look at Feldman in some of his more memorable roles as well as a few of my own personal favorite appearances.

Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter

Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter was always a personal favorite of mine, as well as other fans of the series. It was the first film to introduce everyone’s favorite hero Tommy Jarvis, and allowed Tommy to earn his reputation as the only person who was ever able to stop Jason once and for all. Even though in later sequels he soils it, and through the power of coincidence resurrects Camp Crystal Lake’s most notorious serial killer. But hey another topic for another day.

Corey Feldman nailed his role as a young Tommy Jarvis, bringing his charisma to the role and making Tommy’s character feel like a real, relatable person and not just a number to pad out the body count. Adding depth to a character really shouldn’t be something to praise, but dammit this is a Friday The 13th movie. Most characters are present to give Jason something interesting to do while he works his way through the cast.

Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter

One of Tommy’s most interesting traits was his obsession with making masks. It was only present in The Final Chapter and was dropped entirely as his character would return for two more sequels, but the addition of making masks as a hobby added to the character. It’s just a shame that the idea wasn’t explored further as the franchise continued onward. It would have been great to see Tommy construct a mask like Jason’s own face, and use that as a means of self-defense, similar to his mother’s sweater from Part II.


Feldman did not play a major role in Gremlins, instead this go around playing as a side character who is really only present to kick start the movies events. Feldman played Pete in the movie, and his only notable action in the movie was showcasing just what happens when a mogwai gets wet. Unfortunately for Pete and the rest of the cast, the newly born mogwai aren’t as passive as good old Gizmo.


Corey Feldman may not have been the star of the film, but just seeing him on screen was a treat. Gremlins is a film that still holds up today, and a must watch every Holiday season.

The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys is a personal favorite vampire flick of mine, and one of the best vampire movies out there, let’s get that out of the way now. As expected the Corey Feldman steals the show when he’s onscreen. This time, young Feldman is portraying Edgar Frog, who alongside his brother Alan, study and hunt down vampires. Corey Feldman: Vampire Hunter damn near sells itself, that premise alone sounds awesome.

While no one believes the Frog brothers until the vampires really begin to crawl out of the woodwork, it’s still endlessly entertaining watching the rest of the town push away the Frog brothers until, the truth is revealed to a small group of people. The Lost Boys is truly a work of art, every actor brings their A-game to the table and even the weaker performances are still memorable.

The Lost Boys


Everyone owes it to themselves to track down The Lost Boys and watch it at least once in their lifetime. Even years later the film still holds up, and is worth the time to watch it.

Puppet Master VS Demonic Toys

I did say that I would be including some of my personal favorites to this list as well okay? Puppet Master has been a personal favorite series of mine for years. The idea of a man stumbling onto the secrets of life, and using it on his puppets was always a fun one for me. Now throw in some Nazis and a plot so convoluted you need a spread sheet to understand just what the hell is going on, and all the B-movie glory a single series can handle.

All of that together makes up one of my personal favorite B-movie experiences. Needless to say, Puppet Master VS Demonic Toys absolutely embraces the weird nature of both Puppet Master and Demonic Toys. This time around we see Corey Feldman as the lead who is none other than Robert Toulon, who cracks the secret of life originally discovered by his family.

Puppet Master Vs The Demonic Toys

While it was a made for TV movie, it’s just as ridiculous and insane as the rest of the series and seeing Corey Feldman as this entries Toulon just adds to the ridiculousness of the whole thing. Puppet Master VS The Demonic Toys is easily the worst movie to ever star Corey Feldman, but even past all of the B-Movie tropes I still love it to pieces and will always consider it one of my personal favorite Feldman appearances.

Hopefully there were a few of your own personal favorite Feldman roles present here as well, and if not drop that in the comments. Let’s see what everyone’s personal favorite Corey Feldman role is. And not to end things on a low note but there is the elephant in the room that needs addressing.

With the recent passing of George Romero there has been a void that can never be filled. You can read our thoughts on his passing here, as well as just what he meant to his fans and his tragic passing here. Rest In Peace George Romero, you will be forever missed and can never be replaced.