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‘Corbin Nash’ is a Vampire Vengeance Film That Packs a Punch – Review

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Chances are, if you’ve heard mumbles about Corbin Nash, it’s because of its surprising cast. Malcolm McDowell, Rutger Hauer, and Corey Feldman all combine in this vampire-hunter-with-a-vengeance film that hits hard and heavy.

The description is as follows:

A New York City cop transfers to Los Angeles to hunt for his parents’ killer. Once there, he’s brutally murdered and returns to life as the ultimate killer.

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Corbin Nash marks Corey Feldman’s first new theatrical release in over a decade. After his many roles as a protagonist in iconic 80s films like The Lost Boys, Gremlins, The Goonies, and Stand By Me, Feldman takes a suitably darker turn as cross-dressing vampire, Queeny.

With a performance that can only be described as as “Buffalo Bill meets Divine”, Feldman really – pardon the pun – sinks his teeth into the role, proving that he can chew the scenery with the best of ’em.

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A suitably grizzled Rutger Hauer (The Hitcher, Blade Runner, Hobo With A Shotgun) appears as a friendly stranger – a colleague of Nash’s dead parents who alerts him to their complex history. Evidently, one can have a career as a professional baseball player to hide their nightly activities of hunting vampires and demons (it’s the American dream, amiright?).

Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange, Rob Zombie’s Halloween) plays Blind Prophet, a sage stranger that sees the city’s dark secrets.

Director Ben Jagger wisely takes advantage of McDowell’s vocal gravitas; his character provides the voiceovers that open and close the film. His voice gives a smooth transition into the dark and gritty world of the film.

A dark, brooding tone is set right out the gate and supported by the slick visuals of a dark car with a bloody back bumper.

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Overall, the visual tone of the film does a huge service to the script. The seedy underbelly of Los Angeles simmers in a dull wash of color, giving Corbin Nash a sort of grind house comic book feel.

In contrast are the stark, sharp lights and shadows of the vampires’ lair. They operate in shades of black and white which gives the liberal splashes of blood a real vibrance.

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The script – co-written by director Dan Jagger, actor Dean S. Jagger (who plays the titular Corbin Nash), and Christopher P. Taylor – communicates all that it needs to with a rough efficiency.

We get snippits of backstory for the vampiric lovers Queeny and Vince – enough to tantalize but without the common trope of waxing nostalgic about their history or that of the mysterious “monarchy” vampire collective.

You can appreciate the vague nature of that shadow organization as it allows the viewer to want more from the story instead of providing every detail through lengthy and mostly unnecessary monologues. We get to know a brief history of the vamps and their connection to Corbin Nash without it feeling forced or tiresome.

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Dean S. Jagger (Game of Thrones, Scorched Earth) as Corbin Nash does a serviceable job as the jaded and rugged hero of the story. He has a strong presence and is completely badass in his performance, but he knows when to pull back to let the bombs of batshit crazy go off around him.

He’s everything we should expect from a vigilante cop with a heart of gold – troubled backstory, dedicated to his cause, and he packs one hell of a punch and looks damn cool while doing it.

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If you’re looking for a rough-and-tumble gritty vampire flick with bite, Corbin Nash is a solid bet. It’s a humble contribution to the load-bearing sub-genre of vampire films, but the impressive cast and tonal consistency are worth the time.

Corbin Nash will be released on VOD and iTunes on April 20, 2018, and will receive a limited theatrical release. You can check out the trailer and poster below.

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