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Copyright Avoidance Leads to Hilarious Names For “Lego” Minifigs

by Timothy Rawles

Something is bizzaro in Legoland and we aren’t sure whether to laugh or be offended. We chose the former and a little bit of the latter with this fun collection of figures that are just a little…off.

We’d like to introduce you to Dan’s Collectibles and More where the appropriated Lego Minifigures resemble their full-scale counterparts in everything except the names in order to sidestep a lawsuit from copyright lawyers: Dan’s a savvy guy.

But it’s his generic way of naming the collectibles that makes us chuckle. for instance one of our iHorror writers points to the “American Crazy Man” mini which most definitely is not Patrick from American Psycho.

Dan’s Collectibles & More

Here are some others that we thought were funny and bland in name only, because the quality of Dan’s work is on-point (except for the not Jack Torrance figure who’s holding a sledgehammer instead of an axe).

Click through the pages below to see what we mean.

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