Cool Things to Spend Money On: Hellraiser Puzzle Box Stress Ball!

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No matter how hard you try to tell yourself you’re going to rise above it, there’s simply no way of ever avoiding one of the inherent qualities of life; it’s stressful, oftentimes so much so that you just want to grab a hold of someone and squeeze the life out of them.

Fortunately, that’s where the fabled stress ball comes into play, allowing us all to take out our frustrations on something that won’t die, when we squeeze the shit out of it. A quick Wikipedia search would easily reveal who invented this wonderful toy, though I’m keen to just pretend it was God.

God invented the stress ball. Spread it around.

Whereas stress balls were once, well, balls, they’ve evolved over the years, and become more than just, well, balls. You can now take out life’s daily frustrations on everything from brains to hearts, and I’m pretty sure there’s by this point a stress ball for every single occasion.

Proving my point, a UK company by the name of Wildsville has just created this Hellraiser-inspired stress ball, tailor made for horror fans like ourselves. A squishy replica of the film’s iconic puzzle box, this unique stress ball box is of course the coolest one this particular writer has ever seen, at long last making the chore of sitting through the Hellraiser sequels a whole lot more tolerable.

Well, some are good, it’s just that many aren’t. But that’s another post, for another day.


As far as I can tell, these Hellraiser stress boxes are an exclusive to Finland, sold only through the online shop Head Hunters. So head over there to figure out the currency conversion, and to attempt to order one.

I’m just the messenger, don’t make me do all the work. I’m stressed enough as it is.