Convention Spotlight: April 4-6, 2014

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Cinema Wasteland

Cinema Wasteland: April 4-6, Strongsville, OH

It’s hard to define Cinema Wasteland as just a horror convention. It’s a weekend fully devoted to horror, mainly grindhouse and exploitation cinema, but the nightlife that Cinema Wasteland is said to have is reason enough to spend your weekend in Strongsville. The Full Moon Road Show and Rustbelt Honey’s burlesque show on Friday, A. Ghastlee Ghoul’s variety show on Saturday, and screenings all through the weekend. This includes The Car, Gorgo, It’s Alive and more…on 16mm film! Guests include legendary directors Charles Band, Larry Cohen, Lloyd Kaufman and Kevin Tenney as well as Maniac Cop himself Robert Z’Dar, Tom “The ‘Stache” Atkins, and Patty Mullen a.k.a. Frankenhooker. Plenty of craziness scheduled for the weekend; all info can be found here.

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