In recent years, the convention scene has exploded. Celebrations of genre film are popping up all of the country, and more people are flocking to them each and every weekend. Definitely not a bad thing, but we know that if conventions aren’t necessarily done correctly, they can become monogamous. Well, if you’re in Pasadena, CA the weekend of November 15, you’re in for a real treat.

November 15-17 at the Pasadena Convention Center is 35 Years of Terror, a convention celebrating the Halloween franchise. You may or may not remember but ten years ago, they celebrated 25 years with a similar convention in Pasadena that was documented in Stef Hutchinson’s documentary of the same name. However, this was back before Rob Zombie’s two Halloween films that helped bring Michael Myers back into the spotlight once again.

The lineup for the show includes stars and creative minds from every installment of the franchise. The show includes guests like Danielle Harris, Tom Atkins and PJ Soles, who are all fan favorites and frequently appear at conventions. But what’s even more impressive is the number of first time convention guests including Rick Rosenthal (director of Halloween II and Halloween: Resurrection), Dwight Little (director of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers), and Beau Starr (Sheriff Ben Meeker in Halloween 4 and 5) among others. For any horror fan, especially those who love the Halloween franchise, the guest list alone is absolutely stellar.

This convention isn’t just an autograph fest, though; the show has a few more tricks up its sleeves. There will be panels held Friday and Saturday for many of the Halloween films, and an auction before closing on Saturday night. If you attend, there are three things that are an absolute MUST:

  1. Check out Kim Gottlieb-Walker’s photo gallery from the production of John Carpenter’s Halloween. She was the set photographer and I can only imagine the gold she will have displayed at the show.
  2. Watch Alan Howarth (composer for Halloween 4, 5, 6) perform live. Time and day for the performance have not been announced yet but seriously, how cool is it that music from these three films will be performed by the composer himself?!
  3. Attend the Haddonfield bus tour put together by Sean Clark and Horror’s Hallowed Grounds. If you didn’t know, Halloween was filmed right in South Pasadena. So were parts of Halloween II, Halloween III, and Rob Zombie’s Halloween, as well as other horror classics (Christine, The Fog, etc.). The bus tour will travel all through the city as the Horror’s Hallowed Grounds crew films an episode starring the bus riders and some special guests.

Tickets are on sale now at the 35 Years of Terror’s official site. The guest list on their site is not nearly as up-to-date as their Facebook and Twitter, so keep your eyes there for updates as well. Hope to see you there!

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