Watch This Contortionist Mimic Famous ‘Exorcist’ Spider Walk Scene!

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Written by Patti Pauley

So yeah umm, is there anything even remotely creepier than that now infamous Exorcist spider walk scene? Why yes. Yes there is. And it’s seeing the real life thing. Meet human contortionist and horror actor Troy James. Remember that face ladies and gentlemen, this man is going places. Though if you watch the video below, I’m fairly certain these creepy images will be burned into your minds until the end of eternity.

exorcist spider walk

James known as the “sleepwalker” from recent horror Canadian hit The Void, demonstrates his unique abilities as a human contortionist in a video that is quickly going viral among the the good ole’ Interwebs. The actor/ body bender first reenacts that truly terrifying spider walk scene from The Exorcist, collapses to the floor, twisting and turning his limbs in unimaginable ways that a normal human would never achieve.

The nightmare fuel footage first uploaded to Instagram, is making heads spin and quite frankly speaking, this guy needs to be in more horror movies. You’re welcome in advance for all the nightmares.

In case you need a mind refresher, you probably don’t but you knew I was going to throw this in anyway, here’s the original clip that was originally too terrifying to make it into the film in 1973, but later added in the theatrical re-release of The Exorcist.


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