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‘Constantine’ to Return on The CW’s ‘Arrow’

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While it had seemed like the writing was on the wall for quite awhile, that didn’t stop NBC’s cancellation of Constantine from hurting. Constantine was unlike any other DC Comics based series on the air, with its occult leanings and monster hunting escapades setting it apart from more traditional superhero fare. Sadly, those aspects weren’t enough to save Constantine from NBC’s axe, the network who later added insult to injury for horror fans by canceling the brilliant Hannibal.

Constantine cast

Well, all hope is not lost Constantine fans, as The CW announced earlier this week that Matt Ryan’s beloved rendition of the character will live on…sort of. While a second season of Constantine still seems unlikely at this point, popular DC drama series Arrow has decided to bring the titular occult detective into the fold.

Ryan will appear as John Constantine in the fourth episode of Arrow’s upcoming fifth season. The episode is entitled “Haunted” and will feature Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow calling in Constantine’s help when things begin to go bump in the night in Starling City.

Here’s hoping that Constantine’s guest spot on Arrow is well received enough that The CW considers giving us a full-on second season of his adventures. After all, we still need an explanation as to why Manny did what he did in the first season finale.

Constantine - Season Pilot

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