‘Constantine’ Moving to 8pm in January, Can It Be Saved?

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Despite an overall pretty positive response from both fans and critics, NBC’s Constantine seems headed down the dark road to early cancellation.

Unlike the 2005 Keanu Reeves film of the same name, NBC’s adaptation of DC/Vertigo’s classic Hellblazer comics seemed poised to do everything right when it came to doing the iconic lead character justice. A European actor – Matt Ryan – was cast as the wonderfully British John Constantine. The occult detective’s dry wit was retained, as was his magnetic charisma. Best of all, Chas was no longer played by a sniveling Shia LaBeouf.

Unfortunately, Constantine’s ratings just haven’t hit the levels necessary to warrant a second season, with most weeks failing to break the 1.0 barrier. The show does quite well after Live +7 Day DVR viewing is taken into account, but advertisers will always care less about who’s watching a show on a platform that allows commercials to be fast forwarded through.


Last month, NBC announced that it was stopping production of Constantine’s first season after its initial 13-episode order was completed. While this doesn’t mean the series is canceled, it’s certainly a nod in that direction.

Thankfully, fans might be able to let a little ray of hope in, as NBC has decided to move the second half of Constantine’s season to the much more watched overall 8pm hour, starting Friday, January 16th. Usually, if a network just wants to “burn off” a series’ remaining episodes, they’ll air them on Saturday, or move them to a less desirable timeslot.

Moving Constantine to earlier in the night could very well be NBC giving the show a second chance to build an audience worthy of a second season. Only time will tell whether that proves to be the case.

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