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One series that seemingly came out of nowhere to win the hearts of many genre fans this season is Constantine, the NBC adaptation of DC/Vertigo’s cult classic Hellblazer comic books.

While some episodes have been better than others, pretty much everyone seems to agree that Matt Ryan is doing an excellent job as occult detective John Constantine, and that series creator Daniel Cerone is doing a much better job of living up to the source material than did the 2005 Keanu Reeves film of the same name.


Unfortunately, despite Constantine’s underground acclaim, the Neilsen numbers have not been at the level NBC would prefer, and most signs seem to be pointing toward the series being canceled. That said, rumors have suggested that NBC is considering moving Constantine to its sister cable network Syfy, although those talks have never been officially confirmed.

Now, it seems that we at least know when Constantine’s fate will be decided, if not what the ultimate outcome will be. Cerone took to Twitter earlier tonight to inform fans that he’s headed in to pitch ideas for Constantine’s potential second season to network brass near the end of April. After that day, NBC is likely to make an announcement one way or the other on the series’ future (or lack thereof).

Constantine’s 13-episode inaugural season came to a close back on February 13th.