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Constantine: The Complete Series Coming to Blu-Ray

by Michael Carpenter

While the big TV graveyard is littered with the headstones of countless genre shows that met their makers way too soon, one of the saddest premature losses in recent memory is that of NBC’s Constantine.

Based on the Hellblazer comic book series that also inspired the 2005 feature film starring Keanu Reeves, Constantine starred Matt Ryan as the titular character, a self-styled occult detective and dabbler in the dark arts. Guilt-ridden over his past mistakes and cursed with multiple bad habits, Constantine seeks to repair his damaged soul by doing good and helping those in need, in the hopes that he might one day earn a place on the good side of the afterlife spectrum.

Much closer to the source material than the film, Constantine the TV series quickly developed a dedicated cult fanbase. Unfortunately, that cult wasn’t quite big enough to earn it a second season, with NBC dropping the ax after only 13 episodes had aired. Still, Constantine continues to be fondly remembered by fans, with Ryan even reprising the role last year on an episode of The CW’s fellow DC Comics adaptation Arrow.

Constantine HD

While it doesn’t look like Ryan’s Constantine will get his own show again anytime soon, Warner Bros. is at least about to finally correct the injustice of his existing 13 adventures not having been made available on home video in any form whatsoever. Released under the Warner Archive Collection imprint, Constantine: The Complete Series hits Blu-Ray on October 4th, just in time for a pre-Halloween binge viewing.

The Blu-Ray set is housed on three discs, and includes DTS HD Master Audio 5.1 on all episodes. Sadly, the selection of extras is very light, but considering how quickly Constantine was canceled, fans should probably be thankful to get anything at all in that department. Included are a series trailer, a behind the scenes featurette, and two panels from Comic-Con 2014 promoting the show’s then-upcoming arrival.


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