It’s likely that just about everyone at some point in their lives has wondered what it would be like to actually make a movie. Most among us never try to make it a reality, but for others, the desire to make films becomes an all-consuming passion.

Sadly, for every successful Hollywood filmmaker or celebrated indie director that has managed to live their dream, there are hundreds of aspiring writers, directors, and producers out there that struggle as their every attempt to make their cinematic visions a reality ends in unfortunate failure.

For anyone out there who still yearns to break into the movie industry though, Warner Bros./New Line and Annabelle: Creation director David F. Sandberg have just announced one hell of an interesting contest.

The idea is pretty simple: entrants must create a short film set within The Conjuring universe, running no longer than 2 minutes in duration. The finished product can be submitted for consideration at the contest’s official website.

The winning filmaker(s) will receive a trip to Los Angeles, where they will meet personally with both a New Line executive and Sandberg himself. Talk about a golden opportunity to not only get noticed by Hollywood but also make valuable contacts that could potentially open doors into the highly exclusive movie industry.

However, there is one major catch that any interested filmmakers should be aware of. Despite the contest just recently starting, the deadline for entries is July 27th. That means if you want to participate, you need to start working on your short right away. It’s a tight window to be sure, but great horror often comes out of stressful conditions.

Sandberg – who won an iHorror award for his debut feature Lights Out – famously caught the attention of Hollywood via his original Lights Out short, so he’s definitely the perfect person to oversee this contest. Will the winner become the next Sandberg? Realistically, probably not. But it could happen, and that’s pretty damn cool.