Good News Abounds for Fans of “The Conjuring” Franchise Today

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Well, it’s about time, am I right?  The next installment of the terrifying Conjuring franchise is finally in active development and according to and Deadline, that’s not all fans of the popular series have to look forward to!

First, David Leslie Nelson will be returning to write the third installment of the film.  Nelson previously worked on The Conjuring 2 which has spawned not one, but two spin-off films, The Crooked Man and The Nun.  The second is currently in production starring Taissa Farmiga, sister of Conjuring star Vera Farmiga and fan favorite on “American Horror Story”.

Next, James Wan has also been reported in the creative mixture.  He won’t be directing, this time, however.  Instead, he and Peter Safran will produce the film through his Atomic Monster production company.  There’s no doubt that Wan, who is currently finishing up work on the Aquaman installment of the DC cinematic universe, will be closely involved in the film.  The franchise was his baby from the beginning.

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No news is available at the moment as to exactly what the story will be for the third installment, but we do know that it will center around another case by Ed and Lorraine Warren.  The Warrens were the most famous paranormal investigators in the world for decades and there are a host of stories from which to choose.

News of the film’s status comes as great relief to horror fans, many of whom thought the series might end due to legal troubles over ownership rights of the Warren stories, but according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter today Warner Brothers and New Line may have found a way around the lawsuit that was filed against them late last year by Gerald Brittle.  Brittle’s claim is that the movies were stolen form his book called The Demonologists which chronicled the Warren case files.  Brittle has sued for a reported $900 million.

The facts in the case are muddled at best.  Brittle claims he has a copyright on the Warrens’ life story, however, New Line has argued that the agreement the Warrens had with Brittle does not give him the rights he claims to have.

Benjamin Rittenborn, legal counsel for New Line, has moved to have the case dismissed arguing that in order for Brittle’s suit to be legally sound he would have to rewrite portions of his agreement with the Warrens in order to expand the meanings of what is actually written.

Warner and New Line hope Judge John A. Gibney, Jr. will decide to dismiss the case outright.  If he doesn’t they have moved for a stay to give time for separate arbitration that is already underway with Brittle in another district.

iHorror will keep you in the loop on all the legal news as well as developments on the new film!

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