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This month Chiller Films will be releasing CAMERA OBSCURA in Theaters on June 9th and on VOD / Digital HD on June 13th. A veteran war photographer who has PTSD bears witness to imminent deaths in his developed photos. Questioning his already sanity proven to be fragile, he is now placing the lives of those he loves in grave danger. The beautiful but yet terrifying score is composed by Steve Moore and is currently available for pre-order, and the official release date is June 9th.

Steve Moore has composed for several horror films including Adam Wingard’s “Phase 1 Clinical Trials” vignette in V/H/S/2 as well as Wingard’s 2014 hit THE GUEST. Moore then went on to compose for the sci-fi horror film THE MIND’S EYE and 2016’s DON’T KNOCK TWICE. He most recently composed the score for Joe Lynch’s SZSW favorite MAYHEM and of course Chiller Films’ CAMERA OBSCURA. Moore is also one-half of the internationally popular synth wave duo Zombi and guitarist for the progressive rock band Titan.

Moore captures the terrifying elements of CAMERA OBSCURA with his score. Check out one of the songs in soundtrack called “The End” by clicking on the link





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