Come to Daddy

‘Come to Daddy’ Trailer Has Elijah Wood Discovering Familial Hell

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The surprising and often shocking elements of Ant Timpson’s Come to Daddy were some of the more interesting moments out of Fantastic Fest 2019. It’s irreverence and on-again off-again almost unbearable characters are all in place to create a new kind of an experience that really gets under your skin.

COME TO DADDY stars Elijah Wood (The Lord Of The Rings) as a man in his thirties who receives a cryptic invitation to a remote cabin for a visit with his father after a lifetime of estrangement. The film also stars Stephen McHattie (300), Martin Donovan (Big Little Lies), Michael Smiley (The Lobster), Madeleine Sami (Breaker Uppers), and Simon Chin (Killing Eve).
Come to Daddy is absolutely as bonkers as it sounds if not more so. Plus, the haircut that Elijah Wood’s character has to roll with is a terror on it’s own accord. Most interestingly, director Ant Timpson created this film in turn of very real father-son dynamics from his personal life that ended up acting as a form of on screen therapy. The result is a completely deranged and emotional trek.
What do you guys think? Excited to check this one (and Wood’s haircut) out? Let us know in the comments section.
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