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Colorado Police Dispatcher Recieves Eerie 911 Phone Call

by Sam Angelo
911 phone call

Prank calls aren’t that unusual, neither is the faded static reception you may experience on a phone call. But this call in particular seems not only bizarre, but unsettling. Not exactly as freaky as “7 days”, “what’s your favorite scary movie,” or hearing the sound of your own death, but it’s not a phone call you’d prefer to be on the receiver end of.

Reported by CBS 4 Denver, in the municipality of Pueblo, Colorado (August 11th), the Police Department Communications Center received an eerie call at 3:28 a.m. This call was not a prank caller pulling a fast one on the police (especially at 3:28 a.m.), nor a concerned citizen thinking they saw someone outside their window.  When the dispatcher answered the call, and it was just as the line had disconnected. The dispatcher didn’t know who (or what) made the call: all that resonated from the other end was the low hiss of static.

911 call


This is the audio of the call between dispatcher and caller.

When tracing the call, the police pin pointed it to the Imperial Memorial Gardens, a funeral home and cemetery (as if the whole scenario didn’t seem horror “cliché” enough.)

While the phone call was received at such an unholy hour in the night, the emergency dispatcher sent the location and details to a couple on-duty officers. Embarking to the origins of this chilling call, the officer found that the funeral home was locked up and vacant with not a single light on, much less a sign of a break-in.

The following day, the owners did not call the department to report a break-in or anything abnormal, so the officers (optimistically) dismissed the witching hour call as “line trouble.

Of course, the initial inspection of the establishment could have went way worse. It’s fortunate for the officers that there was no conflict when investigating the funeral home, such as: an armed intruder, a ghoul, demons, or the undead rising from their graves.

Still, receiving a phone  call at such an un-godly hour that’s nothing but static (and whatever else you may hear) is not something anybody would be particularly fond of.

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