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Collector Spotlight: Horrific Finds’ Dylan Ezzie

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Horrific Finds’ Dylan Ezzie

Have you amassed a collection of horror memorabilia that you’re really proud of, and would love to show off to the world? Well that’s precisely what we want to allow you to do with this new feature, where we shine the spotlight on the horror collections of you, the iHorror readers.

But before we get to your collections, we figured there’s no better way to kick off the feature than by taking a peek inside the fan cave of Dylan Ezzie, who runs the incredibly popular Facebook page Horrific Finds. The page is all about showing off cool things tailor made for us horror fans, and Ezzie personally owns one of the more impressive collections of memorabilia that we’ve quite frankly ever seen.

So let’s check it out, learn a little bit about him, and then we’ll talk about how you and your collection can be featured right here on iHorror!

Dylan Ezzie

Like many of us, Dylan Ezzie’s fascination with all things horror began at a very young age. He was just four years old when his mom introduced him to The Creature from the Black Lagoon, which is the film he cites for getting him started on his path to being a lifelong horror fan.

I think I watched that film every day for at least three years,” he told us. “When I was older, I graduated onto the classics like Halloween, Friday the 13th, The Exorcist, and so many others. I was also a very big fan of reading growing up. I remember devouring Thomas Harris’ Silence of the Lambs when I was in middle school, and that spawned an unending desire to read as many horror novels as possible.”

Horrific Finds

Interestingly enough, though his love affair with horror began at such a young age, it wasn’t until much more recently that Dylan started collecting horror memorabilia. Right before Thanksgiving in 2011, he stumbled across a Creature from the Black Lagoon figure in a local comic shop, and it was once again the water-dwelling Universal Monster that inspired him to dig deeper.

I instantly bought him and started researching what else was out there,” Dylan says. “One thing led to another and now I mainly collect life-size busts, figures and large scale statues (1/4 scale or bigger). I own roughly 200 pieces and my collection is worth around $50,000.”

Horrific Finds

As I know all too well, when you’ve got such a large collection it can be incredibly difficult to pick out favorites, and Dylan agrees that he loves them all, and feels guilty playing the favorites game. We insisted he rattle off a few of his prized possessions, however, and he supplied us with a list of his top five favorite pieces. At the tippy top of the list is his life-size animatronic Michael Myers, from Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake, and the list also includes life-size replicas of Chucky, four different Gremlins and, of course, The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Horrific Finds

Proving that a fan’s collection is never complete, no matter how massive it is, Dylan admits that he hopes to someday bring yet another life-size Creature from the Black Lagoon statue into his jam-packed apartment, and he also hopes to add It‘s creepy clown Pennywise to his collection of life-sized horror icons, which have become so numerous that they spill out into the kitchen.

Horrific Finds

So, how can you build up a collection like Dylan’s, which he has impressively put together in only a matter of a few years? It’s all about the hunt, and knowing where to look.

I’m constantly on eBay and Craigslist, checking every few hours to see what has been newly listed,” he says. “I belong to a number of collecting groups and have a network of fellow collectors that I communicate with regularly. I go to as many conventions as possible, a couple of my favorites being New York Comic Con and Monster Mania (Cherry Hill, NJ). Ultimately, when hunting down hard-to-find pieces, it’s all about the people you know and more importantly, diligence. You have to constantly stay connected. Whatever you’re seeking is out there; you just need to make sure that you’re ready when it pops up.

In closing, Dylan had this to say, about his fascination with horror movies, and collecting the monsters that wreak havoc in them…

Horrific Finds

When I watch a horror movie, instead of feeling fear, I am often overwhelmed with feelings of fascination. Where most people see a bloodthirsty beast, I see an amazing creation that someone dreamed of one night, sat down and drew on a piece of paper, and then brought to life with phenomenal detail and execution. To me, monsters are works of art – they’re amazing. Just as someone would want to cover their walls with paintings of peaceful sunsets or landscapes, I want to fill my house with prop replicas of Predator, Michael Myers and Gremlins… All the darkness they hold and represent, to me, is the result of a beautiful imagination.”

Well said, Dylan. Very well said.

You can learn more about Dylan and his collection over on Horrific Finds, where you’ll find a daily stream of awesomeness that’s sure to brighten up even the darkest of days… or is it the other way around?!

Would you like to be featured in a future segment of iHorror’s Collector Spotlight? Drop us a line at [email protected], with the subject Collector Spotlight, and tell us about yourself, and your collection. Also be sure to include pictures, so we can show them off here on the site!

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