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Clowntergeist is an upcoming horror movie about, you guessed it, a paranormal clown.  Scary clowns are by no means new to the genre.  They are pretty common ground for the horror community. However calling the scary clown in your film a “paranormal shit storm” is certainly a new one in my book.

HighOctane Pictures is the distributor for this little flick and at the very least, it’s interesting.  Killer Clown movies are a dime a dozen these days and you need to do something truly memorable or interesting to stand out from the crowd.  Thankfully this one looks promising. Give the trailer a watch below.

From the trailer, Clowntergeist seems reminiscent of The Ring.  Instead of a short video that kills you, however, you find a happy little balloon covered in blood with the date of your death written on it.   You have to give the guy credit for at least trying to be festive with his murder spree.  It’s what comes from the heart that matters after all.

A clown possessed by a demon could be an interesting story if it’s handled correctly and actually makes sense.  Especially if we’re treated to a final act similar to that from Eli Roth’s own murderous clown movie simply titled Clown.


Clowntergeist has a lot to live up to, this year in particular.  With the release of the IT remake just around the bend and the countless other scary clown movies out in the wild, let’s hope that this one manages to stand above the rest.  From the trailer alone it appears to be a fun time and worth a watch.

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