‘Cloverfield’ Sequel to Stream on Netflix After Super Bowl LII

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This month’s been filled with news of an upcoming sequel to 2008’s Cloverfield, but we are getting word through Deadline that movie will premiere on Netflix tonight!

You read that right, tonight!

Deadline reports that the J.J. Abrams produced sequel titled The Cloverfield Paradox will “stream immediately following the end of the game.”

The trailer was played during the first quarter which ended by saying “Coming Very Soon,” but one of our astute writers at iHorror logged into his account and confirmed that the service has announced in a promo swipe that it will be “Available to watch after the game.”

Originally titled God Particle, the film has had many release dates before settling on this surprise drop.

Now the only question is do you record This is Us and watch The Cloverfield Paradox after the final score, or vice versa?

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