‘Cloverfield 4’ May be Sneaking Up on Us

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In the age of the MCU, it can be understandably confusing to have movies which share a name or franchise, and yet aren’t related plot-wise. Maybe that’s what allows J.J. Abrams to sneak up on us with his Cloverfield movies so well.

As things stand Cloverfield 4 is due to be released later this year, but how much can we trust that information?

We’re still waiting, after all, on God Particle, which is currently rumored to be released on Netflix on April 20th under the new title of Cloverfield Station. The story is about a space station crew who suddenly find that the Earth has vanished out from under them due to one of their experiments, leaving them stranded in space.

Titled Overlord, the 4th film under the Cloverfield umbrella is about two American soldiers who make it behind enemy lines on D-Day, only to discover the Nazi’s have worse things than guns and tanks waiting for the allied forces. While details are scarce, those things are along supernatural and occult lines, which Hitler plans to use to stop the invasion of Normandy.

The movie was directed by Julius Avery, and written by Billy Ray, the man who wrote the screenplay for The Hunger Games, and Hart’s War starring Bruce Willis. Overlord is set to star Wyatt Russel (22 Jump Street) and Iain De Carstecker (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) The current plan is for a theatrical release on October 26th of this year.

Considering the amount of bouncing around God Particle has done over the past six months though, it wouldn’t be surprising if Cloverfield 4’s Overlord‘s schedule or release format changed before October gets here.

Still, considering the places the franchise has been so far, with giant monsters, alien invasions, science experiments gone wrong, and now supposedly World War 2 super-soldiers, it’ll be interesting to see where things go next.

Image courtesy of imdb.com


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