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Clive Barker’s ‘The Entwined’ Shooting This Summer

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With the exception of Stephen King, it’s hard to think an author more associated with modern horror than Clive Barker. Whether it be in the literary or cinematic realm, Barker has carved his unique stamp into everything from Hellraiser to Candyman to Lord of Illusions to Nightbreed. In short, when Clive Barker is attached to a project, people take notice.

Barker’s latest movie venture is entitled The Entwined, and marks the directorial debut of industry veteran Robert Hollocks. Hollocks has written and produced for television, as well has directed short films, and stepped behind the camera for several behind the scenes documentary features.

The Entwined poster

According to a rather brief logline in a recent edition of Hollywood newsletter Production Weekly, The Entwined sees “a couple discover that their destinies are entwined with an ancient and powerful spirit whose evil threatens to engulf them both.” Barker is on-board as an executive producer and is one of the six(!) credited writers of the film.

Casting details for The Entwined have yet to be released, but filming is scheduled to begin in Covington, Georgia this May. While the film’s plot crunch sounds rather pedestrian – at least on the surface – Clive Barker doesn’t tend to be a man that works on projects he doesn’t believe in creatively. Here’s hoping that The Entwined ends up blessed with even a little of the twisted Barker touch.

Hellraiser - Clive Barker

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