Written by John Squires

The CW isn’t exactly a network synonymous with horror, though that may soon change. As announced earlier this year, Jason Voorhees will slash up the small screen in a Friday the 13th TV series, and now we’ve just gotten word that Clive Barker is joining forces with the network.

Deadline reports this week that The CW is a currently developing a television series based on Clive Barker’s novel Weaveworld, which was originally released in 1987 – the very same year that Barker’s directorial debut, horror classic Hellraiser, unleashed Pinhead and his Cenobites onto the screen.

In the horror/fantasy novel, Barker envisioned a race of fey folk known as the Seerkind who live undetected among mere mortals (whom they slyly refer to as the Cuckoos) until threatened by destruction. In response, the Seerkind weave themselves and their living places into a carpet, a magical riot of color and wonder known as the Fugue, which is then placed in the care of a mortal woman.

Years pass, the woman grows old and dies, and her death signals to malign forces who wish to possess it that the Fugue is no longer protected. These are the demonic, immensely powerful woman known as Immacolata, her two ghostly, repulsive sisters, and her mortal cohort, the avaricious and power-hungry Shadwell. But the granddaughter of the Fugue’s former caretaker manages to get possession of the rug, and so begins a long pursuit.

In the TV adaptation, which will give a contemporary makeover to Barker’s novel, an app designer teams up with a young pastry chef who has just discovered that she is destined to be guardian of a mythological realm that can be accessed through a portal in an old Savannah mansion. Together, they fight an epic battle with evil forces who are vying for control of the magical world.

Clive Barker will executive produce the series, written by Jack Kenny.

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