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Clive Barker Files Lawsuit to Regain ‘Hellraiser’ Rights

by Trey Hilburn III
Clive Barker

Clive Barker, creator of Hellraiser is coming out swinging in regards to reacquiring his rights to Hellraiser. Barker intends to terminate his transfer of rights of 1986’s Hellraiser.

The move will return rights of the the film back to Barker. It Seems this move is possible after thirty-five years of a original rights transfer.

As previously reported, there are currently two Hellraiser projects in development. A Spyglass Media film with David Bruckner set to direct. A TV series is also being developed at HBO with David Gordon Green attached to direct a number of episodes.

If Barker is successful in the rights transfer lawsuit, both Hellraiser developments will be required to bring Barker to the table for a deal. However, if one or both projects make it out before December 19, 2021 they will be in the clear from Clive’s involvement.

It’s an interesting move. I’m excited about a new film and an entire TV series. However, this is all should belong to Clive come hell or high water. The perfect situation is Barker reacquiring his rights and then being able to be on board both projects in some capacity.

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