Clive Barker to Back Your Indie Horror Movie with $300,000

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We all love the horror genre for its creativity. Horror movies can be about anything, and especially in the independent business, creativity is what matters. There is no money for great special effects or big stars, so the idea is important. Also important is a good pitch to sell your movie to producers.

Now Clive Barker, writer and director of movies like Candyman and Hellraiser decided to help the creative minds out. So through Project Greenlight he is going to raise hell, but also $300,000 for the best pitch.

Starting February 13th you can head over to to upload your three minute pitch. There are no restrictions given by the Hollywood Reporter article, so be creative. After the deadline, February 17th, ten semi-finalists will be picked. Then the public and a qualified jury will vote on those 10. The audience favorite will move on to the finals, where it then faces off against the four jury picks. The finalists will get funding to produce a short scene, to show even more of their idea, and to show what they are able to do.

After all that, the five finalists will go to the Shudder Labs, where they will get guidance by professionals. So really, if you are under the final five you are a winner already. And in the end, one winner will leave with $300,000 and Clive Barker as Executive Producer.

Maybe you are the next big thing in the horror scene. Yes you. So sit down, make a pitch and send it to Project Greenlight. Since there are no restrictions it can be anything from a full out short video to just you presenting your pitch with a Power Point presentation. Of course, creativity is key.

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