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Every year there are new horror movies. Some in the cinemas, some released on iTunes and by now, many are released right through Netflix. This Friday the 13th they released their newest movie, Clinical. After their recent hits The Invitation and I am the pretty thing that lives in the house, the expectations were high. Let’s see if they succeeded.

About The Movie

Clinical is about a psychiatrist who, after a traumatic experience is on her way to get better again, taking patients again for the first time. She especially bonds with Alex, who got a face transplant after an accident. But her trauma is still haunting her.

The traumatic experience was a teenage girl, a patient of hers, attacking her and cutting her own throat. This is our first glimpse of the great visual effects that we’ll see all throughout the movie. There isn’t an overwhelming amount of blood every appearance is brutal and realistic.

The movie is set around Christmas time, so the score is mostly Christmas songs (even the credits are over Jingle Bells). But all the songs actually enhance the mood. When they are not playing, we get a haunting violin score, even more moody.

Behind the Scenes


The two main actors are Vinessa Shaw as Dr. Jane Mathis, the psychiatrist, and Kevin Rahm, the disfigured patient Alex. They have a great chemistry together and are both convincing. India Eisly plays Nora, the teenage patient she couldn’t help, and \she is very good in the scenes she is in. She is also very good at looking creepy. Throughout the movie she appears either in flashbacks or standing in the background, just being scary.

What I Thought

Let’s talk about this movies mood. There are no jump scares at all, which is always a big plus in my book. It still manages to scare you, especially in the first third of the movie. At times it feels like a ghost movie, the evil girl making appearances just out of sight, or just for a quick second, all to set the mood.  Also in quite a few scenes we get Jane in sleep paralysis, which is also well done.

During the middle third of the movie it sways away from the scary parts. It feels more like a serious drama about traumas. This is where we learn most about the characters and about the backstory. There are still some gruesome scenes (when Alex remembers back to the accident before he needed a new face), but it still feels more drama than horror.


The third and final act goes somewhere completely different. I won’t spoil it, but there is some more great gore in it. Sadly, however, it turns the movie around completely. We get a twist that left me slightly confused. So sadly the ending was a bit of a letdown.

Final Thoughts

Clinical is a good horror movie, keeping you interested and thinking. Maybe the 104 minute run time could have been shortened to 80 to 90 minutes, but it still didn’t feel too long. It was scary throughout, well acted and actually went deeper than just a “scary movie”. It didn’t overexpose with bloody and gory scenes, but the ones it had were just perfect. Only the ending was a letdown, I hoped for something different.

I’m rating Clinical 3 out of 5 stars, don’t expect too much, but give it a chance.